Thursday, March 29, 2012

Power Armor

Today I share some renders from my first high poly model. The general idea as you can easily guess comes from Fallout3's power armor (all copyright - Bethesda Softworks), and the exact shot is from the cover art.

From the fist look you can notice that I generaly suck at proportions, but deeper in this project I was less strict in creating an exact copy.

The 3d max model in the final form has around 1.5 million vertices. I took the low poly model (still have to learn that :D) with around 80k verts to Zbrush. Since this was also my first big work in Zbrush, I quickly faced the memory limitation so I had to save on the quality in some parts (model was divided into 18 of them). This is the main reason why from that point I was rather rushing to finish and start with something new instead of spending hours on refining it.

Here you have the 60% progres of modelling wire render with TSmooth at 1 in almost all of the objects :

The complete model took me around 2 weeks, 1-2 hours a day. Zbrush work took around 6 hours. Finally putting all the passes together in photoshop - approx. 1h, I wanted firstly to go for the fancy over-exposure effect like in the original but with more subtle light, it shows better results (IMO). There are some parts I am particularly not happy with so I might come back to this project in the future.
The Zbrush model has nearly 5.6 millions of verts.

Special credit to :
BadKing ( for his tips on Zbrush. where all used textures are from.

Peace !