Monday, April 16, 2012


Hello everyone
Lately I've been working again a little bit on my UDK ( Unreal Engine 3 ( map UDK_Yard (working title).

         I started this map a long time ago the, with the plan to use only UDK assets, but later on learning both UDK and 3d max I was making more and more assets by myself. Hence some old parts are made from UDK components and the newer from mine own. I had many breaks on this map, and few times I was gonna abandon it, but I was always coming back :D. Since this map is some sort of my testing area, it includes many early models I am not really proud of (i.e. light map / vertex count) but since I wasn't planning to finish it, I never came back to mentioned models, and I never will. So you will probably notice a lot of parts to improve :D. Also I have never decide about the overall texture quality/model complexity, therefore the the detail among assets is not consistent. Another weak point is the fact that in the begging of this map I had no idea about the existence of normal/specular maps.

         I am not gonna post any full presentation at the moment (since the map is not complete) I will just post some updates from time to time. You can however guess how does this map look like from the screens. I will post full presentation (probably a video) once the map is complete. Please notice that I haven't rebuild the lighting for these screens, therefore don't pay attention to lighting artifacts. 

So for this update (1) I have added some new tiny assets (idea for two on the right comes from a book - modeling for games (credit for Ibon)) :

Also I have added some decals to check how it works (temporal just for tests) :

        I have in mind several models to append to the scene as some background buildings and some other tiny assets (barrels, crates etc... ). Also the post processing needs some improvements, and I have to add more environmental sounds. The lighting needs to be tuned too. 

        The map itself is relatively close to be complete, yet there are some parts to be polished (i.e. rail yard).  Yes there is a rail yard on the other side of the warehouse :D but about this and other stuff in the next update. Finally the composition of assets (i.e. containers, tires etc...) is temporal, I will work on it later.

Cheers !

P.S. I have started working on a high poly model of M1 Garand rifle.