Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Environment for Android game

Recently I have started making an Android game - 3D basketball shooting (also in plans release for another platforms). The idea is to make something very simple to get a grip on the work-flow. The scene itself is very simple to give a good experience on older smart phones. Polycount atm is around 4k.
I have a draft of environment (modelling and texturing around 3 hours, although I've used 2 of my old models)
And a quick peek from unity of the alpha state of the game (medium quality)

Haven't decided yet about the exact gameplay but it's surely gonna be challenging... very challenging :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

HighPoly Mouse

This time I made a quick model of a computer mouse basing on Logitech m305 (that I have). Modeling in 3d max took around 6 hours, rendering with Vray 10+. My laptop is definitely too slow to go with the try and error method when setting up the Vray ;(

Here it goes:

And here the wire on isoline display (all minus top part of the nano receiver).

Monday, September 2, 2013

Global Urbanization - 3d max animation

I've been asked to make a quick animation of the buildings settling the miniplanet for the Neiberia platform ( For buildings I've used this amazing script by Tyson Ibele. The scene contains 96 buildings from 6 to 18 floor, total poly count for the scene is over 1,2 million. Rendering time with 480p skyline+raytrace on my laptop took 17 hours O.o

Here it goes (better watch on youtube)

Here goes one higher quality render of the scene


Saturday, June 29, 2013


Some time ago started working on another UDK map, this time medieval. I post some first assets (not all).
All of them have normal and specular map (not included in render). The renders are just quick shots without focusing on detail. I was focusing on low poly count, each map is 1k.

In this one I am gonna need to work on the wood color a bit

Some other assets, lamp will be exported as physical mesh so it will move on wind (that's why the chain is not there yet)

Some assets contain skin modifier, imported as skeletal meshes inside UDK they react to the wind.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

UDK_Yard update

I captured a video of a walk through my UDK_Yard map, I also put some screenshots. To be clear this is still work in progress.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fallout3 Laser Rifle AER9

This time I did a hig poly model of Fallout 3 Laser Rifle AER9. I will probably paint it in Zbrush :)
Made in 3dmax 2010.

Full res render here

here how it looks like

Monday, October 8, 2012

Low poly manual forklift model

Recently I wanted to refresh the work-flow for the low poly modeling, so I decided to make a simple game asset. My choice was to created a manual forklift (after seeing the one that appears in BlackMesa I was wondering whether I could do it better :D) and to import it to my UDK_Yard map eventually.

The model was created in 3d Max 2010,the main task was to go as low on polygon count as possible,  final poly count is 918, and the texture size is 1024x1024. Normal map baked from high poly model in xNormal, and from diffuse texture in CrazyBump. Diffuse texture made in Photoshop CS5. Here it goes:

3d Max render (defaut renderer):

Map sample:

Finally screen from the model inside my UDK_Yard map:

After I saw the final product in UDK I would put more emphasis on some parts of the model that were omitted, but this implies creating the model from the beginning :D