Monday, October 8, 2012

Low poly manual forklift model

Recently I wanted to refresh the work-flow for the low poly modeling, so I decided to make a simple game asset. My choice was to created a manual forklift (after seeing the one that appears in BlackMesa I was wondering whether I could do it better :D) and to import it to my UDK_Yard map eventually.

The model was created in 3d Max 2010,the main task was to go as low on polygon count as possible,  final poly count is 918, and the texture size is 1024x1024. Normal map baked from high poly model in xNormal, and from diffuse texture in CrazyBump. Diffuse texture made in Photoshop CS5. Here it goes:

3d Max render (defaut renderer):

Map sample:

Finally screen from the model inside my UDK_Yard map:

After I saw the final product in UDK I would put more emphasis on some parts of the model that were omitted, but this implies creating the model from the beginning :D