Monday, September 16, 2013

HighPoly Mouse

This time I made a quick model of a computer mouse basing on Logitech m305 (that I have). Modeling in 3d max took around 6 hours, rendering with Vray 10+. My laptop is definitely too slow to go with the try and error method when setting up the Vray ;(

Here it goes:

And here the wire on isoline display (all minus top part of the nano receiver).

Monday, September 2, 2013

Global Urbanization - 3d max animation

I've been asked to make a quick animation of the buildings settling the miniplanet for the Neiberia platform ( For buildings I've used this amazing script by Tyson Ibele. The scene contains 96 buildings from 6 to 18 floor, total poly count for the scene is over 1,2 million. Rendering time with 480p skyline+raytrace on my laptop took 17 hours O.o

Here it goes (better watch on youtube)

Here goes one higher quality render of the scene