Monday, October 8, 2012

Low poly manual forklift model

Recently I wanted to refresh the work-flow for the low poly modeling, so I decided to make a simple game asset. My choice was to created a manual forklift (after seeing the one that appears in BlackMesa I was wondering whether I could do it better :D) and to import it to my UDK_Yard map eventually.

The model was created in 3d Max 2010,the main task was to go as low on polygon count as possible,  final poly count is 918, and the texture size is 1024x1024. Normal map baked from high poly model in xNormal, and from diffuse texture in CrazyBump. Diffuse texture made in Photoshop CS5. Here it goes:

3d Max render (defaut renderer):

Map sample:

Finally screen from the model inside my UDK_Yard map:

After I saw the final product in UDK I would put more emphasis on some parts of the model that were omitted, but this implies creating the model from the beginning :D

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fallout : New Vegas's ED-E Eyebot

Hello again.
I've been a little bit lazy during the summer, but I am back with quick 3d max renders of my latest model. It's high poly model of duraframe eyebot ED-E that appears in Fallout: New Vegas game (and also a little different in the video trailer for the game).

In the next step I'm gonna export it to Zbrush to paint.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Iron Sky pilot helmet WIP

I've finally manadged to pull it all together, so here it goes :

Zbrush model reached 10 milions :D. Painting and refining took me more less 10 hours.

I will try another lighting setups in the future, and maybe model a chest. By the time beeing i have to abandon this project, because I'm gonna participate in CGTalk's HCR MINI-Challenge #34: Jean Giraud "Moebius" & Ralph McQuarrie Tribute. My plan is to model a diorama inspired on McQuarrie 1978 concept from Battlestar Galactica -


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Iron Sky Pilot Helmet WIP

Hello everyone,
I've been working these days on high poly model of an iron sky pilot helmet. The modeling part is almost complete, here is a wire render from 3dmax :

I will now export it to Zbrush to for painting and some additional sculpting (i.e. welding seams). I'll upload the final result once it's complete

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hello everyone,
Some time ago I have started to work on another UDK map UDK_Desert (working title).
I have just finished new asset -windmill. Modelling and texturing took me around 2 hours. Texture size is 1024x1024.

I have made some small animation, and then exported it to UDK. The map itself is at its very beggining at the moment I am doing just some testings. Here goes a video(again without building the lighting) :

See you soon!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Hello everyone
Lately I've been working again a little bit on my UDK ( Unreal Engine 3 ( map UDK_Yard (working title).

         I started this map a long time ago the, with the plan to use only UDK assets, but later on learning both UDK and 3d max I was making more and more assets by myself. Hence some old parts are made from UDK components and the newer from mine own. I had many breaks on this map, and few times I was gonna abandon it, but I was always coming back :D. Since this map is some sort of my testing area, it includes many early models I am not really proud of (i.e. light map / vertex count) but since I wasn't planning to finish it, I never came back to mentioned models, and I never will. So you will probably notice a lot of parts to improve :D. Also I have never decide about the overall texture quality/model complexity, therefore the the detail among assets is not consistent. Another weak point is the fact that in the begging of this map I had no idea about the existence of normal/specular maps.

         I am not gonna post any full presentation at the moment (since the map is not complete) I will just post some updates from time to time. You can however guess how does this map look like from the screens. I will post full presentation (probably a video) once the map is complete. Please notice that I haven't rebuild the lighting for these screens, therefore don't pay attention to lighting artifacts. 

So for this update (1) I have added some new tiny assets (idea for two on the right comes from a book - modeling for games (credit for Ibon)) :

Also I have added some decals to check how it works (temporal just for tests) :

        I have in mind several models to append to the scene as some background buildings and some other tiny assets (barrels, crates etc... ). Also the post processing needs some improvements, and I have to add more environmental sounds. The lighting needs to be tuned too. 

        The map itself is relatively close to be complete, yet there are some parts to be polished (i.e. rail yard).  Yes there is a rail yard on the other side of the warehouse :D but about this and other stuff in the next update. Finally the composition of assets (i.e. containers, tires etc...) is temporal, I will work on it later.

Cheers !

P.S. I have started working on a high poly model of M1 Garand rifle.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Power Armor

Today I share some renders from my first high poly model. The general idea as you can easily guess comes from Fallout3's power armor (all copyright - Bethesda Softworks), and the exact shot is from the cover art.

From the fist look you can notice that I generaly suck at proportions, but deeper in this project I was less strict in creating an exact copy.

The 3d max model in the final form has around 1.5 million vertices. I took the low poly model (still have to learn that :D) with around 80k verts to Zbrush. Since this was also my first big work in Zbrush, I quickly faced the memory limitation so I had to save on the quality in some parts (model was divided into 18 of them). This is the main reason why from that point I was rather rushing to finish and start with something new instead of spending hours on refining it.

Here you have the 60% progres of modelling wire render with TSmooth at 1 in almost all of the objects :

The complete model took me around 2 weeks, 1-2 hours a day. Zbrush work took around 6 hours. Finally putting all the passes together in photoshop - approx. 1h, I wanted firstly to go for the fancy over-exposure effect like in the original but with more subtle light, it shows better results (IMO). There are some parts I am particularly not happy with so I might come back to this project in the future.
The Zbrush model has nearly 5.6 millions of verts.

Special credit to :
BadKing ( for his tips on Zbrush. where all used textures are from.

Peace !