Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fallout : New Vegas's ED-E Eyebot

Hello again.
I've been a little bit lazy during the summer, but I am back with quick 3d max renders of my latest model. It's high poly model of duraframe eyebot ED-E that appears in Fallout: New Vegas game (and also a little different in the video trailer for the game).

In the next step I'm gonna export it to Zbrush to paint.


  1. is there any way that you could release this for public use? I'm a 16 year old film maker who wants to make a fallout fan film, and we need to find a 3D model of an eyebot to superimpose into the image, and we can't find one anywhere. You would recieve full credit for your work, and we wouldn't be making any sort of profit from this.

  2. Hi Szelki,

    Can you please contact me in regards to this model as well? Need it for similar reasons as Damian. Email me at huba.est@gmail.com. Thanks!

    Sergey Huba